Richard Carrier (Ph.D., Columbia University) will provide instruction and advice on the new skills now needed to become a good critical thinker in the 21st century in his new course “Critical Thinking in the 21st Century: Essential Skills Everyone Should Master” during January 2015. Based on Dr. Carrier’s acclaimed presentation for the Secular Student Alliance [], this course will: teach students standard skills in traditional logic and fallacies; cover cognitive biases and how to detect and avoid them, including motivated reasoning and the problems associated with a political brain; Bayes’ Theorem, and Bayesian problem solving, for the non-mathematician, and other skills in reasoning about probability; learning how to see things from someone else’s perspective; and useful skills of self-examination, self-critique, and personal improvement in thinking and reasoning, for personal belief development and the acquisition of wisdom. Each student will be left with a complete toolbox of ideas and information to work with, which will make them sharper thinkers in every domain.